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logo / interior & exterior / signage / stationary / merchandise / promotion / brochures


When the Busselton and Margaret River Tourism Associations decided to join forces to create an all encompassing brand they needed a brand that would be inclusive for everyone. The brand required a very in-depth research period and market analysation to figure out the awareness of the region throughout Australia and Internationally.

When the design was initiated it was decided Bowen-Sant Design and Block Branding should join forces on the brand in order to get the best result. As we both had history together we were both excited for the project so jumped at the opportunity to team up once again. Through a very in-depth and thought out process we came up with the brand you see here.

The logo mark itself is designed to be an inclusive brand that can be taken and adopted by the regions members. The fingerprints can be used in a large variety of materials to make the brand really feel like it's "Yours". The logo itself has a variety of variations that give it life and a real adaptability.

After the initial brand was created Bowen-Sant Design was tasked with utilising the style guide to adopt the brand throughout the Busselton Margaret River Tourism Associations attractions and visitor centres. This includes visitor centre fit outs, attractions signage, brochures, advertising, a clothing range and many many other applications.

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