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Vasse Valley Hemp Farm is a very individual enterprise for the Margaret River Region. Although growing hemp is not a new thing nor is it a rare enterprise, what sets Vasse Valley apart in the region is their progressive approach to growing hemp for human consumption. Vasse Valley is making great things happen in the local edible hemp industry with their seeds been used in everything from 5 star menu items, cookies, sausages right through to a beer that hero's the roasted hemp seed.

Chris and Bronwyn were a pleasure to work with as they are truely passionate about hemp so coming up with a brand for them was a great process. Some essentials when coming up with the brand was to not use any direct reference to the hemp leaf as it seemed far too clique and they didn't want any relationship to the illegal members of the hemp family. 

The final brand image is a self contained logo that plays on the valley where the farm is located and using double, overlapping V's to represent the valley. These are then integrated with seedlings and the sun which represent the dawning of a new era. The logo itself has a dimpled effect within the coloured areas which causes the logo to look varied at different distances whilst keeping the consistency that the solid outlines give to the logo.

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