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logo / showroom interior & exterior / 3d renders / promotional material / advertising


Home is a development from Match. Match specialises in reinvigorating old spaces and bringing them into the modern age to be enjoyed again.

Home has had many lives, starting as a cigar factory then reincarnated as a skate rink and a nightclub just to name a couple. Home is now ready to settle into her next life as a home to live in. Located right on the edge of Perth City CBD it really is a place for those people who love the fast paced metropolitan lifestyle but want to be able to escape at the click of their fingers.

The logo for Home is derived from a set style that runs through all of Match's developments which utilises the Match "M" within the word mark. This simple logo ensures that the building can create its on style for the rest of the design whilst still fitting in with other developments from Match.

The concept "bringing the new into the old" was played on heavily by shooting posters of the new construction within the old space and using this theme throughout. Typefaces were chosen to fit in with the old cigar factory and old archived photos were dug up to be incorporated into the designs.

This project was completed at Block.

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