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The idea behind the Busselton-Margaret RiverAirport Brand is to play on an abstract above view of the Busselton Margaret River region. The idea relies on strong colours and simple shapes in order to get the viewer to engage with the logo at the simplest level whilst still having deeper meaning. 

The colours come from what a passenger might view from the sky as they approach or fly over the Margaret River region. From the reds and yellows of the sun and raw earth, through the greens of the forests and pastoral lands and then onto the almost completely surrounding blues of the ocean and coastal areas. Colour plays an important part in the region and so it does in this logo.

The colours surround a white interior which utilise negative space to represent an area that is open to the viewers own interpretation. This negative area is overlaid with two dotted “flight paths” which intersect at the point on which if you were viewing the logo with a map over laid on the top would align with the position of the airport.

To add interest and also give respect to the traditional owners of our land there are two overlaid circles of white dots that represent the  aboriginal heritage of the area. All the elements of this logo can then be zoomed in on and cropped to create various design elements that
make up the overall “look and feel” of the brand.

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