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logo / stationary / wine labels / food packaging / promotional material / on site signage



Burnside Organic Farm are a small family farm located just on the outskirts of Margaret River. When you first meet Lara and Jamie it is immediately obvious that they are the prime examples of a "Sea Change" that has really worked.

Lare and Jamie are passionate about everything organic and it shows in the quality of the produce. From honey, capers, olive oil, dhukka, eggs and notably a very distinct range of organic wine, they ooze quality and unmatched taste.

The Brand created for Burnside Organic Farm is a very illustrative logo and because of this it is not designed to be seen as a whole image. This is achieved by assuring that the top or bottom is always cropped off but in these situations the other part of the logo should appear somewhere else on the designed object. this allows for a complicated logo to become simple without taking away the crafted hand made detail that embodies the farm so well.

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