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Nic Bowen-Sant



Bowen-Sant Design is a branding studio in Busselton, the South Western corner of Australia. I've been crafting branding packages for over 15 years now and have a real knowledge of what makes a great brand work. I currently have my studio on a boat which allows me to keep my inspiration fresh and on track, I mean how could I not feel inspired in the mornings living in a place like Western Australia. My passions obviously revolve around this lifestyle and include sailing, surfing, fishing, diving, travel, creating great brands and all things arty.


Over the years I've had the luck to work with some of the best design, branding and advertising agencies in Western Australia which really gave me the experience needed to be able to take on the incredible brands I've had the privilege to work on. The formula I've created from this allows me to vary my style to find the perfect look for your brand.

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